FINANCIAL ARCHITECT…. aligning actions with intentions!


By combining knowledge and real life know how, I work with entrepreneurial business people, professionals and those getting close to, and in, retirement to minimize risk and taxes in the achievement of their life dreams by asking the right questions and aligning actions with intentions to make work optional. By utilizing time-tested discovery processes, I identify what’s most important to you, your family, your business and the charities that you support in providing you with Financial Peace of Mind!

Watch this short video to learn how I can integrate your financial plan with both offensive and defensive strategies.

I invite you to contact me to obtain a COMPLEMENTARY "check up" to make sure you are building on a solid foundation.



Then you know what it’s like to lay awake at night and wonder about launching new products and/or services, what your competition is going to be doing, are your employees happy and loyal, how to work more effectively with your bank and wondering why can’t you take more time off for family activities and numerous other concerns that lead to 12 hour days and sleepless nights.

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Retirement planning is much like climbing a mountain. Once you get to the summit, you need to have plan to get back down, or in retirement parlance….not outliving your money. 

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Northwestern Mutual has identified the 6 major financial hazards associated with your retirement years that need to be mitigated. Watch this short video on the risks that can jeopardize your retirement.



It’s no mystery. To begin, all you need is a financial blueprint that we will craft, in collaboration with you,  that details your unique vision of the future.

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Want to know how long you’re going to live?

How much will it cost to raise a child?

Want to know how much a college education will cost?

Should you buy or lease equipment?

The answers to these and many other questions may be accessed by clicking on “more.



As an Advisor with Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company, I strive to provide the highest quality wealth management strategies and services to help you align your actions with your intentions, by coordinating tax and legal advisors. I am passionate about serving my national clientele, both individuals and businesses, to ensure their financial goals become a reality. I rely not only on my knowledge and experience, but also on the expertise of my nationwide team of specialists.

Financial success doesn't happen by chance, it is the product of sound decisions and working with knowledgeable and experienced advisors who have access to the most current technologies and a thorough understanding of financial planning techniques and potential tax strategies.

Our planning process educates and supports our clients in a team environment to help them define and achieve their most meaningful financial goals by integrating their values into a comprehensive wealth plan. Innovative strategies focused on wealth accumulation, effective risk management and wealth preservation help our clients accomplish their objectives that include family, business and philanthropic pursuits.

Being what I refer to as a "financial architect", I make the commitment to listen and take the time to understand your unique desires, goals and objectives, not only initially, but going forward in designing your financial blueprint. As everything is subject to change with the passage of time and by building in the flexibility which allows plans to evolve and adapt, we will continually reassess your plan to make sure it retains the highest standards.

Whether it be your health or your wealth, a second opinion can be invaluable. I would be happy to provide a comprehensive assessment of your current situation to make sure your present plans identify and prioritize your goals and that they are the best strategy with clear action steps and timetables.

I invite you to contact me to obtain a COMPLEMENTARY "check up" to make sure you are building on a solid foundation.




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